How To Invest In Oil And Gas Companies

drilling servicesWhen building an investment portfolio, one possibility is to invest in oil and gas companies. The oil and gas sector has unique terminology and can appear to be complicated. One way to begin understanding how oil and gas companies operate is to look into how they earn revenue.

Companies in this sector can be identified as either E & P (exploration and production) or drilling and drilling services. Exploration and production companies search for new sources and then sell the resulting product; in the case of oil it is sold in order to be refined and create products such as gasoline. Drilling services drill wells and maintain them and are not involved in production, but are obviously influenced by the amount of production occurring. Both branches have many publicly traded companies that provide possible investment opportunities.

How to Invest in Oil

As with any investment, doing some homework before investing is vital. Those who choose to invest in E & P companies should closely watch the oil market and learn how it works. E & P depends upon many factors that lie outside of the borders of the United States.

Oil supplies come from many areas of the world, including Nigeria, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia. One easy way to invest in this sector is to simply buy shares in drilling companies. This part of the sector is not as easily influenced by changes in supply and demand, wells need continued maintenance long after the drilling is done.

Invest In Oil Leases

An oil lease is essentially a contract with a landowner for a portion of the profits of an oil well drilled on their property; it could also refer to wells on federal or state land.  Oil leases can be purchased, either in whole or in part.

Those choosing to invest in oil leases should proceed carefully, just because a lease is in place does not mean that there is oil on the property and if there is, there is no guarantee how much will be found. Many oil leases are on federal land and only last for ten years, after which the ownership reverts to the original owner.

Private Oil Companies

Not all investments in oil and gas are stock or leases. It is also possible to invest in private companies. One way, which does have some risk associated with it, is to invest money in a drilling fund. This fund is used for oil and gas exploration. If the exploration is successful, the investor shares in the returns.


Another possibility with less risk is to invest in an existing well as part owner. Private oil companies need to raise capital to be able to drill; in exchange the investor gets a percentage of the revenue.  These type of investments not only can produce revenue for the investor, but also increase exploration and drilling, strengthening the economy as a whole.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Investing In Oil And Gas

Oil and gas investors make a lot of money buying into a business that always guarantees maximum returns. However, even with the assured promise of bigger bank accounts, investing poorly into the business will equally lead to devastating losses. There are loopholes in the oil business that one needs to look out for and several ways on how to determine the legitimacy of a potential oil or gas investment.

What to Expect When Investing in Oil and Gas

Newly discovered crude oil sites are gold mines to oil investors. Nevertheless, not all oil and gas leads are of benefit to the investor. There exist several scammers in the oil and gas business who pose as legitimate brokers or drilling companies to fleece unsuspecting victims.

To be safe, you must make sure that you have a legal copy of the lease where the drilling company plans to operate. In addition to a lease notice, you must also receive a copy of a credible insurance company, protecting the entire drilling project and the operators as well. An AFE copy accompanies all other documents produced by the drilling company, listing all the potential costs that will arise in the entire drilling project so that you can know the exact amount they are supposed to chip in.

A good drill operator has a record of accomplishment of oil and gas leads they have worked on in the past. If there are past oil and gas investors the drill operator has worked with before, find out if they were satisfied with the previous oil projects. If the investors made money, it is an assurance that the oil and gas leads presented are legitimate.

What to Avoid When Investing in Oil and Gas

As potential oil investors, you shouldn’t be involved in drilling project facilitated by brokers or dealers. The investment math must also be correct; you should avoid oil and gas leads whose net revenues are below 70% compared to the working interest. Again, never put money in a drilling project where the revenue comes from the operator and not from the purchaser.

Lastly, once the drill operators make their proposal, they should give the oil and gas investors ample time to think about it and know what they are getting involved in. Any drilling proposal forced down to the investor or makes one feel rushed in decision-making is a proposal the investor needs to avoid.

It is possible to make money as an oil investor through oil and gas leads. However, it is vital understand all the legal aspects of the business as well as the dos and don’ts of doing business with drill operators.

Benefits Of Investing In American Oil And Gas

With the threat in the shortage of oil and gas and the resultant rise in demand for these products, invest oil and gas companies seems like a great opportunity. Actually, investing in a reputable company offers the investor the rare chance to make good proceeds that can yield pleasant benefits. First, investing in oil and gas companies offers high monetary rewards because on average most investors begin breaking even within the first one to two years.

Oil and gas investments can easily offer a return investment of 5 to 1 meaning that annually, an investors stands to bag in a yearly rate of about 40 percent in returns. Aside from financial rewards, investing in oil today comes with relatively low risk as compared to the risks presented by the industry some ten years ago. Actually, investors can mitigate risks through buying oil investments from oil companies that permit the buyer to buy shares in the portfolio of the company thus lowering chances of failure.

The Future of American Oil and Gas Investing

Looking at the years gone by, the future of American oil and gas industry looks appealing enough for new investors to join in even as experienced investors broaden their scope. Notably, the competition in the market shows a downward trend due to the high number of operators going overseas to look for bigger oil fields.

With that transition, investors in US can now use the opportunity to make solid foundations that will stand the test of time even in the future. Secondly, looking at past happenings, the consumption and demand for oil and gas continues to rise steadily and with the growth in population, the market expects more rise in the demand of gas and oil. In addition, the growing global campaign insisting on green environment will see a rise in the demand for natural gas thus making the industry a potential moneymaker in a few years to come.

oil demand

Tax Benefits Will Continue

Another aspect that will most probably continue to influence the oil and gas industry includes the tax benefits. Investment oil comes with notable tax deductions because more often than not, investors qualify for retirement funds such as TFSA as well as RRSP. That notwithstanding, US aims at using advanced technology to come up with machines and vehicles that consume less oil in a bid to gain independence from foreign oil. When that happens, the country will also gain independence from other foreign services such as jobs because the industry will focus on local skills and talent.

Conclusive Remarks

Oil and gas investing offer investors the rare opportunity to make money quickly considering the rise in the demand for gas and oil. Interested investors can take advantage of the competition by the numerous oil investment companies to obtain the best investment plans in the industry because currently, the companies offer many enticing policies to attract investors. Therefore, look for the best oil investment company, invest in oil, gas or both, and enjoy lasting financial benefits. Overall, it is rewarding if you research properly and invest wisely.

Invest In Oil and Gas Companies For Positive Results

Whether you’re looking to invest for retirement or simply want to improve your current financial investment status, you may want to invest oil shares. There are several reasons to consider oil gas investing, including the recent price increases. But, you may want to gather more information before calling your broker and making the move. You need to consider the level of investment and the different vehicles available for oil investing. Read on to learn more about investment oil opportunities.

What Are EFTs and UITs?

Exchange Traded Funds, or EFTs, were popular choices in the recent past. Many people who made theses types of investments have cashing in, believing prices would soon begin to fall again.

Unit Investment Trusts, or UITs, are trusts that invest in oil and gas units, similar to trusts that invest in stocks or real estate properties. They are broken down into units, so that they can be offered to investors. The difference with oil or gas UITs, is that oil investment companies look for drilling or production operations to invest in. Trusts have a maturity date, at which time the gains and losses of the sale of the trusts is passed on to share holders. Tax credits and depletion allowances benefit those who invest.

Offshore or Onshore Investment?

Much oil exploration has occurred in offshore locations, such as along the Gulf Coast of the U.S. However, a current trend today, is to investment in on shore drilling and production operations. On shore prospects are considered safer, in terms of financial risk. In addition, there is much to explore in on shore drilling, so the potential for growth is less limited than offshore drilling.

offshhore drilling

Why Oil and Gas?

There are vast stores of oil and gas that, until recently, were unobtainable. However, with new technologies, gas and oil drilling companies are able to reach those stores trapped inside shale formations. These new technologies, such as horizontal drilling, have created many new jobs and have boosted oil and gas production overall. This means oil and gas investment may be viable for the future, for those wanting long term oil investing opportunities.

If you’re looking for opportunities for oil gas investing, search for trusts that rely only on those production operations with plenty of experience in the U.S. Experienced drilling and production companies with higher success rates lower risk and the opportunity for profit, when you invest in oil.

Though some believe the opportunity has passed, there are still many good reasons to consider investment oil funds or trusts. Drilling and production processes are using new technology, to access new deposits. Many operations are going strong and are making greater contributions to the economy. These are the companies expected to boost sales and increase supplies, to an extent.

When looking for UITs, search for trusts that find stable operations to invest in. Make sure to understand the terms of the investment, and any associated costs, taxes, or fees. You will not see a return on the investment until the trust matures. Therefore, you want to work with the most reputable oil investment companies you can find.

Introduction to Oil and Gas Investing

oil1There is no doubt about the fact that oil and gas are considered to be the two most widespread forms of energies which are currently being used on the planet. Look around, you will notice that there are many things that have to do with oil and gas; for example: the gasoline used for powering cars, the natural gas used for heating up the house during cold seasons, etc.

According to seasoned investors and industry experts, investing in fossil fuels such as oil and gas is definitely a good idea because it provides great returns, which is the main reason why people invest their money. Thus, oil gas investing is a wise pick because the American gas and oil industry offers a number of beneficial investment instrument choices.

Options In Oil and Gas Investments

When you are opting for gas and oil investments, you should be well aware of the options you have so that you can decide for yourself as to which would make the best choice for you. There are many ways in which you can invest in oil and gas; you can opt for purchasing these stocks from existing resource companies or investing in futures and mutual funds that pertain to this industry. If you want to live it large then you can always go for the option of purchase an entire well!

Each of these investment vehicles come with their own set of pros and cons, therefore you should think twice about your decision and weigh the options well so that you would know which one is the best amongst them. Since gas and oil investment companies are plenty in number, therefore you will have plenty of options to choose from, which may leave you spoiled for choice and the good news is that all these investment vehicles are easily accessible!

Tips for Investment in Oil and Gas

One of the best ways to investment oil and gas is to opt for shares from oil and gas investment companies. The reason why these shares of oil companies are so beneficial is because the companies are making utmost use of new technologies like 3D seismic, fracing, horizontal drilling, etc in order to ensure that their shareholders enjoy maximum returns on the shares they hold. As for natural gas, these are better than diesel or coal any day because they don’t emit harmful emissions, which is why they make a great choice for investments.


If you learn the tips and tricks pertaining to invest oil endeavors then you will be vastly benefited because it would help you in obtaining cash flow almost every month! If you want a safe option for such investments then it would be better from you to invest in major companies or MNCs, this way you will not need to bear huge risks because there are hardly any associated with this method! When investing in this sector, it is advisable to conduct prior research so that one can understand the investment vehicle better.